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1. Austro-British Business

The British economy is the 7th largest in the world and has an innovative market of 60 mil- lion people, hosts the world’s leading international financial centre for institutional equity assets in London, and is home to the headquarters or large subsidiaries of many prominent international companies.

Austria, with only 8 million inhabitants, nonetheless ranks 21st largest economy in the world and can boast its capital city as ranking 3rd in worldwide quality of life ratings. It hosts banks with a commanding lead in central and eastern European finance and is home to a large number of companies with networks in these fast-growing regions. This includes many multinational headquarters covering central Europe, Middle East and African markets.

Business between the two countries provides jobs in hundreds of companies, satisfaction to millions of customers, and is worth about € 8 billion per year. Cross-border equity and direct corporate investments, indirect sales, travel, research and education, and migration links are also substantial.

2. The Austro-British Chamber

The Austro-British Chamber (ABC) is a non-profit organization that supports its members in their personal, business and organizational interests in the UK or Austria and its neighbour- ing countries. Value is created primarily through events, networking, information, and pro- motional opportunities.

ABC offers members the following services:
· Regular monthly Business Breakfasts and evening events
· News and information about Austro-British business
· Assistance with special queries (suppliers, accountants, lawyers, tax, etc.) · Networking opportunities
· Interesting and compelling events

3. How to Join

To become a member, please email us at

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